Peering Policy

Founded in 2000, Icodia is a French ISP and Operator that operates a network in France with several access POPs.
Icodia has a selective peering policy. The Peers are selected based on, the amount of traffic exchanged with Icodia ASN, capability and mutual benefit for both networks.

For peering requests, please contact :

General technical requirements for peering Icodia :

  • The peer must be registered in a public Internet Routing Registry (IRR) database,
  • Record completed in PeeringDB,
  • A peer of AS44297 must have publicly routable ASN,
  • The BGP session must be established in IPv4 minimal,
  • A peer should have a 24x7 NOC with BGP expertise.

Traffic Requirements for public and private peering :

  • Interconnection must be 1 Gigabit Ethernet (1GbE SFP); 10 Gigabits Ethernet (10GbE LR) or 100 Gigabits Ethernet (100GbE LR)
  • Contact us for details about your query.

Related ASNs :

Icodia manages the primary ASN 44297

Maximum prefix :

We suggest peers set a max-prefix of 10,000 (IPv4) and 1,000 (IPv6) routes on peering sessions.

Routing Policy :

  • Peering sessions with AS44297 will advertise all Icodia routes
  • The candidate shall not send unsolicited traffic to ASN 44297